SETsafe | SETfuse Offers EV Thermal Management System for Over-Temperature Protection

 January 24th, 2023 |   By Area51 Electronics  |   0 Comments
setsafe thermal link and thermal cutoff products

There are several different scenarios to overheating – the risk of a breakdown and short circuit, a liquid leakdown, or an open flame. But there is a solution to potential overheating issues: SETsafe | SETfuse, a leading manufacturer of circuit protection solutions and components.

SETsafe | SETfuse is known for their innovative solutions for high standard safety and protection. To protect against potential fire hazards, overheating, and other circuit failures, the manufacturer offers over-temperature protection products like the DC-Alloy Thermal-Link or DC-Alloy Thermal Cutoff (DC-ATCO) solution. The product can be used in the heater of an electric vehicle and electric motorcycle.

These over-temperature protection products are designed to be sensitive to temperature and widely applied for the thermal protection of equipment.

How Does It Protect Against Overheating?

Under abnormal conditions, when the temperature reaches the fusing temperature of the Thermal Cutoff/Thermal-Link product, the thermal element melts and quickly retracts to the two lead wires ends with the aid of the flux resin and disconnects the circuit completely.

For example, the Thermal-Link (DC-ATCO) alloy type is installed on the heater and connected in series with the high-voltage heating circuit. When the heater is abnormally heated, the temperature reaches the melting point of the Thermal-Link, which can cut off the 450 VDC circuit, and the heater stops working. The ceramic housing can withstand 500ºC temperature impact for a short time.

Another example of the product’s overheating protection power: the Thermal-Link alloy type is installed on the side of the PTC heater. Under normal conditions, the Thermal-Link remains connected. When the IGBT/MOS breaks down, or short circuits, or other abnormalities occur, the heater continues to heat up. The temperature then exceeds the set value and reaches the melting point of the Thermal-Link. This causes the circuit to cut off and the heater will stop working to prevent a fire.

Thermal-Link (DC-ATCO) Features & Applications

The SETsafe | SETfuse DC-Alloy Thermal-Link is classified into axial and radial shapes, with a rated current 10A to 200A, and a rated functioning temperature of 76 ºC to 230 ºC with UL, cUL, approvals, and RoHS, REACH compliant.

Applications include:

  • Battery cooling systems
  • Pre-charged resistors
  • Automotive air-conditioners
  • Heaters
  • EV battery modules
  • Power supplies
  • Automatic electronics
  • High-power solid-state relays


  • Low impedance, low power consumption
  • Non-resettable
  • Over temperature protection
  • Superior vibration resistance
  • RoHS & REACH compliant

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