Breaking Down the New AS6081A Standard

The aerospace industry is constantly evolving, requiring periodic revisions of standards to ensure the highest level of safety, quality, and reliability. AS6081, the standard for counterfeit electronic parts avoidance in the aerospace and defense industries, has recently undergone significant updates. The original release in 2012, AS6081:2012, served as a critical guideline to combat the growing  […]

3 Supply Chain Solutions to Combat Counterfeits

Electronic components are everywhere. From small resistors to huge power supplies, they are a fundamental part of how we design and build electronic equipment. But what happens when you come across a counterfeit electronic component? When the word counterfeit is thrown around, one of the last things that may come to mind are electronic components.  […]

You Have a Suspect Counterfeit Component, Now What ?

Picture this, after weeks of tense searching for a coveted shipment of semiconductors you find a seller. They have an order for semiconductors ready to ship out in less than three weeks, far sooner than any of your normal vendors. Some of your usual vendors are even on backorder and you’ve been facing the awful  […]

3 Benefits of an Authorized and Independent Electronic Component Distributor

Let’s be honest, finding an electronic component distributor is hard. There are hundreds operating in the United States alone that promise quality components with fast lead times. Now more than ever before, the need for an electronic component distributor is a necessity. The global semiconductor shortage has made a lot of us reexamine our past  […]

Suspect Counterfeits in Healthcare: A Lurking Danger

Let’s be honest, counterfeits are like weeds. No matter what you do, they tend to pop back up. As a reported $75 billion dollar enterprise that costs the U.S. between $200-250 billion a year, it’s no wonder counterfeiting is still an active “enterprise.” Many counterfeiters saw a great opportunity for growth during the 2020-2022 semiconductor  […]

What Does Suspect Counterfeit Mean?

You’ve just acquired an electronic chip. At first glance, it looks like the real deal. But to the properly trained eye, there is something off with the product. The fonts are different, the surface looks like it was coated with polymer, and the wiring is inconsistent. Chances are you’ve acquired a suspect counterfeit part. What  […]

Finding the One: 4 Things to Look for When Selecting a Distributor

The New Year is here. But it’s never too late to build up your inventory, given the recent pandemic-driven component shortages. Finding the right distributor for your business is critical to building long-term resilience and success. With so many options and choices – from authorized to independent electronic part distributors – the decision can be  […]

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