Area51 Electronics to Participate at the AEMS Show on Sept 27-28, 2023

Greetings, Earthlings! Get ready to join the excitement as we gear up for the Anaheim Electronics and Manufacturing Show (AEMS) at the Anaheim Convention Center on September 27-28th. Mark your calendars and head over to Booth #413. Here is what you can learn from our experienced aliens: Electronic Components Distributor: We’ll provide solutions to optimize  […]

Xenarc Technologies Provides Rugged Tech Displays for Every Environment

In a world where technology is the driving force behind progress, Xenarc Technologies stands as a true example of innovation in an industry of custom technology display touchscreen and LCD monitor solutions. Xenarc has emerged as a true trailblazer in the rugged touchscreen and monitor display market, carving out a unique niche by offering top-tier  […]

A Small Update: The Current State of the Semiconductor Industry

In an age where technology is the driving force behind global innovation, the semiconductor industry stands strong, powering the devices and systems that define modern life. From smartphones and laptops to advanced medical equipment and autonomous vehicles, semiconductors underpin virtually every aspect of our world.   So, what’s going on in the industry now? According to the Semiconductor Industry Association, the  […]

Area51 Electronics Recognized by NASA for the Artemis I Mission

Area51 Electronics was recently honored by NASA with an award in recognition of exceptional service and expertise displayed in the development, launch, and recovery of the Artemis I Mission. Artemis I represents the inaugural integrated test of NASA’s advanced deep space exploration systems, encompassing the Orion spacecraft, the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket, and the  […]

EDAC Offers New Card Edge Connectors with Cardedge+ Series 

Your gateway to innovation and flexibility starts with EDAC’s Cardedge+ Series and we’ve got it here for you. EDAC has quickly emerged as a global leader in connectors for card edge and rack and panel applications. Over the years, they’ve expanded their product range to offer one of the most extensive arrays of interconnect solutions including: D-Sub, modular and magnetic jack, header, USB,  […]

Exploring the Components that Power Building Automation

The inner workings of a building are probably the last thing you would ever think about when walking into a hospital, school, grocery store, or even the office. Everything in the building, from the automatic doors and lighting, to the refrigerated sections and air-conditioned rooms, relies on many components that help structure a building automation  […]

Wieland Offers IP67-Rated, Easy to Use Unmanaged Ethernet Switches

Looking for a simple plug and play solution for unmanaged switches? We got you. We’re offering powerful unmanaged IP switches for industrial communications from Wieland Electric, a global provider of innovative electrical interconnect and automation solutions. The IP67-rated switches offer multiple ports (up to 20 ports), up to 8 PoE ports, power over ethernet, and  […]

Samwha Offers High-Performance Capacitors for Automotive Applications

As the automotive industry continues to grow at warp-speed, so does the need for more advanced technologies to power these automotives. These technologies include features like infotainment systems, power steering, and engine control. Samwha Capacitor Group has answered that call for high-performance automotive solutions that meet industry standards and specifications. Samwha, a South Korean manufacturer  […]

Exploring the Sensor Technology Behind Self-Driving Cars

Could you imagine explaining the concept of autonomous vehicles to someone decades ago? Even people in today’s world are still wrapping their heads around the thought of a car driving itself. But just like with every new advancement in technology, people will eventually come around and accept change, and self-driving cars are no exception. The  […]

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