AEM Offers High-Performance SMD Fuses for Advanced Circuit Protection

AEM, a leading developer and manufacturer of surface mount device (SMD) components, is well-known in the electronic fuse industry for superior quality and high performance, even in the most extreme conditions. With over 35 years in business, AEM circuit protection technologies can be found protecting systems in many different products, including satellites, EV battery packs,  […]

AEM Components Features Innovative High Current Surface Mount Fuse Series

AEM Components, a high reliability component solutions, manufacturing, and distribution provider, recently introduced an innovative CM2822H Series of high-current, high-power density surface mount fuse components. The series also features industry-leading volumetric efficiency (178 mm3) and safe power density (506 VA/mm3@100A), which is about three times higher than existing products in the market. Here are some  […]

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