Breaking Down the New AS6081A Standard

The aerospace industry is constantly evolving, requiring periodic revisions of standards to ensure the highest level of safety, quality, and reliability. AS6081, the standard for counterfeit electronic parts avoidance in the aerospace and defense industries, has recently undergone significant updates. The original release in 2012, AS6081:2012, served as a critical guideline to combat the growing  […]

You Have a Suspect Counterfeit Component, Now What ?

Picture this, after weeks of tense searching for a coveted shipment of semiconductors you find a seller. They have an order for semiconductors ready to ship out in less than three weeks, far sooner than any of your normal vendors. Some of your usual vendors are even on backorder and you’ve been facing the awful  […]

Global Shortages Are a Counterfeiter’s Paradise

The 2020-2022 chip shortage came with a lot of eye-opening information. We learned that the global supply chain is way more vulnerable than we thought. That the demand for smarter technology is only going to increase. That the future is unpredictable and the definition of normal is always set to change. And that the electronics  […]

Authorized or Independent Distributor: Which One is Best for You?

In the midst of exciting and significant technological advancements, the demand for electronic components, hardware, and assemblies is at a record high across industries such as automotive and transportation, industrial and automation, aerospace and defense, energy, and medical. As a result, components have become extremely hard to come by, to say the least. A lot  […]

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