Steering Towards Safety with ADAS Technology

Remember when backup cameras and collision warnings weren’t must-have features in cars? What used to be nearly nonexistent in vehicles has become the ultimate basic standard in car safety features. ADAS stands for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, and it refers to a collection of safety features and technologies that are designed to assist drivers in  […]

Samwha Offers High-Performance Capacitors for Automotive Applications

As the automotive industry continues to grow at warp-speed, so does the need for more advanced technologies to power these automotives. These technologies include features like infotainment systems, power steering, and engine control. Samwha Capacitor Group has answered that call for high-performance automotive solutions that meet industry standards and specifications. Samwha, a South Korean manufacturer  […]

Viking Tech Offers New Thin Film Resistor Series for Automotive Applications

Thin film chip resistors are surface-mounted integrated circuit devices that are designed to operate, safeguard, and control circuits – offering resistance to any electrical current flowing through them to run more efficiently. Viking Tech, a global manufacturer of thin film resistors since 1997, has launched several new thin film resistor series for high-reliability automotive applications.  […]

Recharging the Conversation: BEV vs HEV

Here’s a challenge: drive a single mile without coming across an electric vehicle on the road. It would be nearly impossible to win that one. Electric cars are constantly buzzing past us and charging stations are popping up on every corner. We now live in a world where electric and hybrid vehicles are becoming just  […]

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