Orion Fans Offers IP68 AND IP69K-Rated AC/DC/EC Fans

Electronic component fans are everywhere. But you might not even notice them. They are embedded in products like solar panels, food and beverage equipment, medical devices, and more. Component fans are used in various industries, including alternative/renewable energy, telecommunications, networking, marine, transportation, food/beverage processing, outdoor machinery, and more.   These fans are used to cool electronic  […]

Orion Fans Offers Thermal Management Solutions

As more electronics are packaged into smaller enclosures to meet data rate and bandwidth demands, heat sensitive telecommunication electronics must be kept at optimum temperatures to ensure proper performance. Fans are a vital component to compressor-based and thermoelectric based temperature management solutions. While new technologies such as artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, cloud computing, IoT, and  […]

Orion Fans Launches New IP69K-Rated Line of AC/DC Fans

Electronic component fans are found in many everyday products in a variety of industries including food and beverage processing and machinery, networking, telecom, marine, and transportation. Component fans are used to cool electronic devices, maximize performance, and prevent overheating. Some fans might require regular cleaning with high pressure, high temperature water, especially if the fans  […]

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