Time for a Check-In: How Are We Doing with Lead Times and the Shortage?

After a year of natural disasters, Covid-19 variants and lockdowns, all peppered with geopolitical tension, what’s in the forecast for 2022? Just three months into the new year, industry experts have tentatively forecasted what to expect in the third year into global shortage. While most agree that the shortage will continue throughout 2022 and into  […]

A Glimpse Into the Future – How Will Lead Times Be in 3 Months?

Businessman touching Futuristic semiconductor CPU and electronics circuit with blue lights and effects. Semiconductor crisis worldwide concept.

Chips, everyone wants them. Everyone needs them. Now that we are at the tail end of Q4 and on the last leg of our sprint toward 2022, it’s time to revisit the market. These updates come as a mixed bag. Passive components as a whole are stabilizing with only a few outliers, like oscillators and  […]

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