Amazing Microelectronic Offers Electrostatic, Surge Protection Devices

If you watch any TV show or movie via digital media – you’re going to want your streaming technologies to be embedded with electrostatic protection, specifically for USB4 V2, the latest high-speed interface that could support data rates up to 80Gb/s. Amazing Microelectronic provides this type of electrostatic protection and more. The manufacturer offers transient  […]

Amazing Microelectronic Offers CAN Bus Transceivers with Fail-Safe Protection

Amazing Microelectronic – a leading supplier of ESD protection solutions and specific analog IC, including transceivers and EMI filters – offers CAN bus transceivers. Their most popular CAN transceivers include the AZKN1040T and the AZKN1044T. Designed to withstand harsh environments, the transceivers feature over-voltage and over-temperature protection, and fail-safe protection. The CAN bus transceiver is  […]

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