Authorized and Independent

Area51 Electronics offers the best of both worlds. As an authorized and independent electronic components distributor,
we can synchronize all your orders and processes in one place. This eliminates the headaches associated with jumping
from different distributor-type to the other. We work together with you to provide solutions to optimize your supply
base and help you accomplish your supply chain needs. That's our Collaborative Advantage.

A Closer Look

As an authorized and independent distributor, we offer a wide selection of diverse
products at your fingertips. Working with a distributor with a strong, diverse supply chain
is critical to building long-term resilience and success.

Benefits of the Collaborative Advantage

Streamlined Buying Process

All your component purchases in ONE place – synchronizing your orders and processes in a unified environment.

Cost Savings

We negotiate with OCMs, so you don’t have to – bringing cost savings to you and your bottom line.

More Purchasing Flexibility

Access a large swath of diverse products from our vetted supply chain network – giving you more purchasing power that best fits your goals.

Authorized Lines

As an authorized distributor, you will be able to access our vast network of original component manufacturers (OCM) in various industries including the energy, automotive, industrial, medical, aerospace, and automation sectors. This ensures that you have authentic electronic parts purchased directly through our authorized sources. We go above and beyond to ensure all products are authentic, handled, and stored in accordance with industry quality standards.

Our authorized lines consist of three channels:

  • Authorized with a distribution agreement directly with the OCM
  • Authorized through a contractual membership with several master distributors
  • Direct from the OCM (Factory Direct)

Lower Risks with Traceability

You will also have access to the manufacturer’s full range of up-to-date technical and product information, including documented evidence of a part’s supply chain history (if requested). This document will identify all supply chain intermediaries involved, starting from the OCM. Knowing the supply chain traceability of a part will help you avoid suspect counterfeit parts.

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Independent Lines

As an independent distributor, we allow you to tap into our own inventory of electronic parts and components, and a collaborative network of suppliers, including original equipment manufacturers (OEM), contract manufacturers, and other distributors from all over the world and different ends of the supply chain.

If you need a part that is hard-to-find, in obsolescence, or at the end-of-life (EOL), we can help. We are quick on our feet and responsive to your needs. Due to current market conditions, we know you are under pressure to find that last-minute part.

Area51 Electronics is your main source for obsolete, inspected and verified electronic components. We care about the people who depend on our products and services, and every electronic component we distribute to you. We offer the highest level of quality control and industry-leading counterfeit mitigation processes.

Our quality management system is certified to AS9100D, AS9120B, AS6081:2012, ISO 9001:2015, ANSI/ESD S20.20-2021, and FAA AC 00-56B.

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