EDAC IP67 Waterproof D-Subminiature or D-Sub Connectors

 August 9th, 2022 |   By Area51 Electronics |   0 Comments
EDAC electronic ports

EDAC, a global leader in interconnect solutions, recently released a new line of D-Seal series IP67-rated waterproof D-Subminiature connectors in both standard and high-density packages. The electrical connectors are designed to perform at the maximum level, even under the most adverse conditions. They provide cable-to-board or board-to-board connections.

EDAC’s connectors come in vertical and right-angle footprints, with a variety of termination styles, contact plating thicknesses, and mounting configurations. Plug and receptacles in 9, 15, 25, 26 and 44 pin versions are also available, including high-power combo configurations.

What is the difference between a waterproof D-sub connector versus the standard D-sub? The waterproof D-sub connectors have all the same features as the standard version, but are sealed with epoxy and contain a silicon O-ring to meet the waterproof protection rating IP67 – hence its ability to withstand the harshest environments.

EDAC’s waterproof D-sub connectors can be used in many different applications, including control panels, industrial automation, medical equipment, automotive test equipment, computers, inflight entertainment systems, and communications equipment.


  • Signal along with high power contacts up to 40 amps combined in one connector
  • Plug shell indents provide grounding and additional mating retention
  • Mounting options for panel mount or connector mating include threaded inserts and threaded standoffs
  • Epoxy sealed by special process providing zero ingress, no wicking up leads and a smooth, molded finish with no air bubbles
  • Combined with solid O-ring seal to panel

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