AEM Offers Advanced SMD Fuses for Optimum Performance in Automotive Applications

 August 17th, 2022 |   By Area51 Electronics |   0 Comments
AEM solidmatrix SMD chip fuses

With gas prices continuing to soar at sky-high levels, more U.S. consumers are considering fuel-efficient vehicles to save money, according to recent data reported by TIME. It states that 40% of Americans now expect to own an electric vehicle (EV) in the next five years, up from 30% last year, citing a study from automotive research firm CarGurus. Even Google searches for electric cars are breaking records – up by more than 400% in the U.S. last March.

Ready to answer that call for EV demand is AEM Components, a high reliability component solutions, manufacturing, and distribution partner. AEM offers innovative surface-mount fuse technology and advanced circuit protection for high-stress automotive applications. The goal: To protect against catastrophic failures or shorts in EVs.

AEM features AEC-Q200 qualified and ISO9001/ISO14001/IATF16949 certified fuses to set a new standard for reliable performance in demanding automotive applications. You can choose from the AirMatrix® wire-in-air fuse series and the SolidMatrix® solid body chip fuse collection for optimum performance under the hood or in the cabin.

What Makes SolidMatrix® Unique

AEM’s SolidMatrix® solid body chip fuse products feature ceramic co-firing technology to provide a more compact structure, with embedded fuse links to isolate moisture and acid erosion. To protect against catastrophic failures and high-stress conditions, the SolidMatrix® product features a silver terminal that has no risk of sulfide, with the fuse and arc suppressing material buried inside the fuse body. So, when the fuse link opens, there is no fly arc or spark leak. The fuse element is diffused into the ceramic body, so its integrity is maintained, and the airtight package is preserved. This is one of the big benefits of SolidMatrix® fuses.

AEM’s SolidMatrix® solid body chip fuses are offered in EIA 0402, 0603, and 1206 case sizes with fast-acting, slow blow, and high in-rush models providing excellent secondary overcurrent protection for DC power applications.

SolidMatrix® Features:

  • Fast acting and high current
  • Mechanical strength and excellent thermal properties
  • Monolithic glass ceramic body with silver fusing element
  • Silver termination with nickel and pure-tin solder plating
  • Operating temperature: -55°C – 125°C
  • Tight quality control processes for increased reliability IATF16949
  • UL-recognized, Halogen-free and RoHS-compliant

SolidMatrix® chip fuses can be used in the following applications:

  • Power tools
  • Power-Over-Ethernet
  • Battery management systems
  • Infotainment systems
  • LED lighting
  • Server and storage systems
  • Computers and peripherals
  • Other applications that require circuit protection

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