Wieland Offers IP67-Rated, Easy to Use Unmanaged Ethernet Switches

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Looking for a simple plug and play solution for unmanaged switches? We got you. We’re offering powerful unmanaged IP switches for industrial communications from Wieland Electric, a global provider of innovative electrical interconnect and automation solutions. The IP67-rated switches offer multiple ports (up to 20 ports), up to 8 PoE ports, power over ethernet, and eliminates the need for a specific cable to supply power to end devices.

The unmanaged switches are best suited for entry into industrial ethernet networks and an ideal, cost-effective solution for applications with manageable device subscribers having a low data flow.

What are Unmanaged Switches?

The Wieland Electric unmanaged Ethernet switches are ideal for quick commissioning in small industrial communication networks with manageable data volumes. They can be used in restricted areas and for applications that do not require remote diagnostics. In other words, unmanaged switches are simple to run and designed to plug and play – no custom configurations needed.

  • Quick and easy data management
  • IP67 switch
  • Small networks (manageable data volumes)
  • Use in restricted areas
  • Simple interface conversion
  • Applications without the need for remote diagnosis
  • Cost-effective applications
  • PoE (power over ethernet) eliminates the need for a specific cable to supply power to end devices
  • Ports to connect fiber optics that are immune to interferences

The Wieland Electric unmanaged switches can be used in various applications, including machine building and intralogistics. Here are the details below.


Machine Building:

  • Optical inspection for production and assembly lines. For example: connectivity of IP cameras for monitoring
  • Production lines, where the connectivity of several production sections is critical to ensure the highest throughput
  • Visualization of data from the field level. Example: connectivity of sensors and actuators with a PLC and HMI


  • Surveillance of critical areas including the connectivity of IP cameras


Wieland switches go above and beyond standard switches to meet the higher requirements of industrial applications, such as installation, environment, protocols, and approvals.

With a history of spanning over a century, Wieland is an established and trusted brand in the industry. In addition to offering a comprehensive range of products, Wieland offers services and custom engineered solutions to meet the diverse needs of its customers. Their portfolio includes high-quality electrical connectors, plug-in and heavy-duty connectors, terminal blocks, power distribution, and IP switches.

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