Viking Tech Offers New Thin Film Resistor Series for Automotive Applications

 June 22nd, 2023 |   By Area51 Electronics  |   0 Comments

Thin film chip resistors are surface-mounted integrated circuit devices that are designed to operate, safeguard, and control circuits – offering resistance to any electrical current flowing through them to run more efficiently. Viking Tech, a global manufacturer of thin film resistors since 1997, has launched several new thin film resistor series for high-reliability automotive applications.

Viking Tech’s thin film resistors are used in automobiles with technologies like engine control, lighting, infotainment systems, and advanced driver assistance systems. Viking Tech’s resistors can also be used in the following high reliability applications:

  • Battery Management Systems
  • Medical Glucose Monitoring and Personal Healthcare Devices
  • Aerospace
  • Industrial Equipment and Instrumentation
  • Satellite Communication
  • Various Sensors

Viking Tech’s resistors are designed to ensure life stability and are moisture, humidity, and sulfur resistant. The resistors were also subject to biased humidity testing at 85°C /85% and 155°C high temperature exposure testing and features a wide resistance range up to 5.1Mohm – providing high power and high voltage performance.

Here are some of the product features for their new Auto Grade Thin Film Precision Chip Resistors.

Product Features:
  • AEC-Q200 Compliance
  • High precision resistance tolerance: ±0.02%
  • Low TCR down to ±1ppm/ °C
  • Wide resistance range to 5.1Mohm
  • High frequency up to 70ghz
  • 85°C /85%RH tested
  • Advanced sulfur resistance, anti-sulphurated capability
Here’s a list of their series of thin film resistors:
  • Thin Film Tantalum Nitride Resistor – TAR Series
  • Thin Film Alumina Nitride Resistor – ARN Series
  • High Temperature Thin Film Resistor – ART Series
  • High Temp/High Power Thin Film Precision Resistor – ARTP Series
  • High Power Thin Film Chip Resistor – ARP Series
  • High Voltage Thin Film Flat Chip Resistor – ARHV Series
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