SETsafe | SETfuse Offers Over-Temperature Protection Solutions

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Some of the most common causes of home electrical fires include faulty electrical outlets, worn out sockets, extension cords, outdated wiring, and a frequently overloaded circuit breaker, just to name a few. The prevention of electrical fires is the highest priority for the team at SETsafe | SETfuse.

The manufacturer of circuit protection solutions and components is known for their innovative solutions for high standard safety and protection. To protect against potential fire hazards and other circuit failures, SETsafe | SETfuse offers over-temperature protection products that are sensitive to temperature and widely applied for the thermal protection of equipment, for when one or more parts reach hazardous temperatures under abnormal conditions.

This series of products are called Thermal Fuse, which are also known as Thermal Cutoff/Thermal-Link (TCO). Thermal Fuse (Thermal Cutoff/Thermal-Link) is an electrical over-temperature protection element usually installed in electrical appliances that are prone to overheating. There are two types of Thermal Fuses: alloy type and organic type.

How Does It Work?

Under abnormal conditions, when the temperature reaches the fusing temperature of the TCO, the thermal element melts and quickly retracts and the two lead wires ends with the aid of the flux resin, and disconnects the circuit completely. In other words, when an electrical appliance’s temperature exceeds its abnormal temperature, the Thermal Fuse will automatically activate and disconnect the power supply to prevent the electrical appliance from causing a fire.

The Thermal Fuse (Thermal Cutoff/Thermal-Link) alloy version (ATCO) mainly consists of fusible alloy, flux resin, case, sealant, and lead wires. It can be used in the following applications:

  • Electric blankets
  • Electric aroma diffusers
  • Home electrical appliances
  • Motors
  • Lamps
  • Switch-mode power supplies
  • Transformers

The Thermal Fuse (Thermal Cutoff/Thermal-Link) DC-Alloy version (DC-ATCO) consists of thermal element, flux resin, case, sealant, and lead wires. It can be used in the following applications:

  • Battery cooling systems
  • Pre-charged resistors
  • Automotive air-conditioners
  • Heaters
  • EV battery modules
  • Power supplies
  • Automatic electronics
  • High-power solid state relays

The DC-Alloy Thermal-Link is classified into axial and radial shapes, with rated current 10 A to 200 A, rated functioning temperature 76 °C to 230 °C, with UL, cUL , approvals and RoHS, REACH compliant.

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