P-DUKE Unveils New TBF500 Series AC/DC Power Supply Modules for Rugged Environments

 September 14th, 2023 |   By Area51 Electronics  |   0 Comments

P-DUKE, a leading manufacturer of high-quality AC/DC power supplies, offers a new TBF500 AC/DC power supply series in a fully encapsulated full-brick package with up to 93% efficiency. The TBF500 series allows a baseplate operating temperature of -40 to +105ºC. It is designed for challenging operating conditions and provides high reliability to a variety of applications such as 5G communications, military/defense, robotics, factory automation, and energy storage systems.

Full Protection in Harsh Environments

Power supplies with these applications must be rugged to withstand harsh environments and mechanical stressors such as vibration and shock. P-DUKE’s TBF500 does this and more.

The TBF500 offers full protection functionality, which includes over-current protection (hiccup mode), short-circuit protection (automatic recovery), over temperature protection, and output over-voltage protection (latch-off). For high operating temperature applications, the product can be mounted on the system chassis to dissipate its heat or equipped with the optional heatsink.

What makes this product unique? It’s slim profile – the TBF500 is 50% thinner than other similar products. TBF500 also operates at a higher efficiency (up to 93%) than other similar products, and can be connected in parallel to scale up power and open up to industrial applications higher on the power spectrum.


  • Fanless encapsulated 500W output power AC/DC
  • Up to 93% conversion efficiency
  • 6W power consumption at no load
  • Good power signal
  • Current share function
  • OVCIII (over voltage category)
  • 5000meter operating altitude
  • IEC/UL/ED 62368-1 safety approval


  • Custom power supplies
  • PCB mounted power system with multiple DC/DC converters
  • Traffic information, control, and signaling equipment
  • Broadcast and telecom sub-stations, RF, wi-fi
  • Underwater surveying devices, oil pumping and pipeline monitoring devices
  • Large LED and LCD advertising
  • Building control and security systems
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