P-DUKE Offers High-Performance DC/DC Converters for Harsh Railway and Industrial Environments

 August 19th, 2022 |   By Area51 Electronics |   0 Comments
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P-DUKE, a leading manufacturer of high-quality AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies, has launched their QAE and HAE ultra-wide input series for railway applications. Both the QAE and the HAE series of DC/DC power converters offer 40 to 200W output power and all standard voltages for railway applications.

Let’s break down each series. P-DUKE’s HAE series are DC/DC power converters with ultra-wide input voltage range from 16v to 160V and a conversion efficiency of up to 93%. The HAE series also provides over current, short circuit, output over-voltage and over-temperature protection, and input under-voltage lockout. The series meets EN 50155 and EN 61373 approval for railway applications.

P-DUKE’s QAE series are DC/DC converters that feature a 12:1 ultra-wide input range module to cover each kind of power system of rolling stock. It’s suitable for 24, 36, 48, 72, 96, 110Vdc power systems and is in compliance with the safety and standards of EN 50155, EN 45545-2, IEC60950-1, IEC62368-1, EN 61373.

What Makes the QAE and HAE Series Unique?

Here’s a scenario: If there’s an interruption of the input power source, most DC/DCs could stop operating temporarily for a short period of time. This process of starting up and shutting down could be dangerous for a moving train. Railway systems heavily rely on a continuous DC/DC supply to power their circuits and motors.

That’s why P-DUKE designed their QAE and HAE series of DC/DC components to continue functioning, even in cases of supply interruption, change-over, short circuiting, etc. The components are suitable for harsh environments and help reduce the capacitance of hold-up capacitors by applying the enhanced hold-up function.

The ultra-wide QAE and HAE series have complete protection functions and are certified IEC/UL/EN 62368-1, EN 50155, EN 45545-2.

HAE Series Features:

  • 200W Output Power
  • 16-160VDC Input Range
  • 5, 12, 15, 24, 28, 48, 53 VDC Output Voltage
  • High Efficiency Up To 93%
  • Up to 3000 VAC I/O-isolation Voltage
  • Enhanced Hold-up Function for Supply Interruption and Change-over
  • Programable Input Under-voltage Lockout
  • Pulse Output for Active Inrush Limit Circuit
  • EN 50155 and EN 61373 Approval for Railway Applications
  • Qualification for Fire Behavior according to EN 45545-2
  • Standard 1/2 Brick Package

QAE Series Features:

  • 100W Output Power
  • 12:1 Input Range: 9-75, 14-160 VDC
  • Output Voltage: 5. 12.15.24,28,48, 53 VDC
  • Tp to 3000 VAC Isolation Voltage
  • Enhanced Hold-Up Function for S2, S3, C2 of EN 50155
  • Programmable Under-Voltage Lockout
  • Standard ¼ Brick Package
  • Approved to EN 50155, EN 45545-2 and IEC/EN/UL 62368-1 Standards

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