Orion Fans Offers IP68 AND IP69K-Rated AC/DC/EC Fans

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Electronic component fans are everywhere. But you might not even notice them. They are embedded in products like solar panels, food and beverage equipment, medical devices, and more. Component fans are used in various industries, including alternative/renewable energy, telecommunications, networking, marine, transportation, food/beverage processing, outdoor machinery, and more.  

These fans are used to cool electronic devices, maximize performance, and prevent overheating. For applications where fans are exposed to outdoor elements, Orion Fans – a global manufacturer of standard and custom thermal management solutions, including AC, EC, and DC fans, fan accessories, fan trays, blowers, and motorized impellers – offers a series of IP68-rated AC/DC/EC fans and IP69K-rated AC/DC fans. Both fans are designed for harsh environments.

Renewable Energy Uses

Orion’s component fans are recommended for solar panels as heat sinks add additional weight and cost per unit. If heat sinks are required, component fans can be paired with them for maximum heat dispersion in low surface area designs. 

Also, as solar energy is converted into DC electricity, inverters are needed to convert DC power to AC for commercial use. Orion Fans are used to cool the electronics and components within these inverter enclosures. 

What is an IP68-Rated Fan?

Orion Fans’ IP68-rated AC/DC/EC fans are designed for harsh environments to protect against dust, moisture, salt fog, salt spray, humidity, temperature changes, and more. Orion’s IP68-rated fans can also be quickly integrated into customer designs. EC model fans are offered in 60mm-254mm frame sizes. DC fans are available in 60mm-254mm frame sizes, and AC fans are available in 176mm-280mm frame sizes. 

Orion’s IP68-rated fans also feature special functions to meet application demands including alarm, tachometer, thermistor speed control, temperature sensor, and more. 

Features and Benefits of IP68 Fans:

  • Can be fully submerged
  • Able to withstand heavy rain and weather
  • Special functions (PWM, Tach) available


  • Solar panels
  • Solar inverter enclosures
  • Applications where fans are exposed to outdoor elements
What is an IP69K-Rated Fan? 

High-pressure cleaning and washdowns of fans prevent dangerous contamination and the spread of mold and bacteria. The fan’s IP69K rating ensures that no damage will occur during high temperature and high pressure washdown procedures, and that no contaminants enter the fan motor.

The IP69K rating indicates that in terms of solid material, the fans are “dust tight,” meaning there’s complete protection from contact and no ingress of dust. Also, in terms of liquids, Orion’s fans offer protection from close-range high-pressure and high temperature water jet washdowns. For more information on the IP69K rating, check out the IP (ingress protection) ratings guide here.

Features and Benefits of IP69K Fans: 

  • Designed for high temperature and high pressure washdowns
  • High reliability sealed ball bearings
  • AC fans available in 176mm-280mm frame sizes
  • DC fans available in 60mm-254mm frame sizes
  • Can be washed down with high pressure and high temperature water
  • Able to withstand heavy rain and weather
  • Special functions (PWM, Tach) available


  • Solar panels (DC fans only)
  • Solar inverter enclosures
  • Food and beverage
  • Medical equipment and pharmaceutical devices
  • Networking and telecom
  • Marine
  • Transportation

With over 40 years of experience, Orion Fans has been supplying quality engineered cooling products and assemblies for a wide range of industries and applications. Orion Fans has engineering, sales, and manufacturing facilities in the United States, Europe, and Asia. 

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