L-Com’s Right Angle Cables Redefine Connectivity

 September 28th, 2023 |   By Area51 Electronics  |   0 Comments

For nearly four decades, L-Com has been the go-to source for high-performance, UL-rated solutions across diverse industries like electronics, medical, industrial automation, military, and telecom. Their extensive inventory covers a wide range of connectivity products, including cable assemblies, coaxial cables, connectors, adapters, Ethernet cables, USB connectors, custom solutions, and much more.

L-com’s patented Right Angle Patch Cables are one of their unique products that offer cost-effective Cat 5E performance. These Ethernet patch cables feature a specialized channel separator and load bar, ensuring Cat 5E performance even with a right-angle bend. They come equipped with an aluminum/polyester shield to ward off EMI/RFI interference and are designed for environments where combustive toxicity is a concern due to the low-smoke zero-halogen construction.

Unlike their competitors, L-Com’s Right Angle Cables pass Cat 5E tests by maintaining pair twists within the connector body. Ideal for tight spaces and dense connectivity, especially in data centers, and suitable for shipboard or aircraft use due to the LSZH jacket and boots.


  • Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) Jacket and Right Angle boots
  • True Category 5E performance while maintaining a 90° bend
  • Low toxicity and non-corrosive jacket and boots protects equipment and people
  • Aluminized Polyester Shield for protection from EMI and RFI
  • Straight RJ45 to right angle: Down RJ45 connector orientation


  • Industrial
  • Military/Aerospace

L-Com’s vast portfolio is a testament to their commitment to excellence with firm dedication to serving the diverse needs of their customers across multiple industries, solidifying their reputation as a trusted partner for connectivity solutions.

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