CITEL Offers Surge Protection Solutions for PV Power Plants

 May 8th, 2024 |   By Area51 Electronics  |   0 Comments

For close to a century, CITEL has protected critical networks and equipment worldwide from transient overvoltages, be it from lightning strikes or switching events. With a deep understanding of local standards and regulations and a commitment to R&D, CITEL annually supplies millions of surge protection devices (SPDs) to clients prioritizing proactive threat elimination. 

Surge protection is not just a precaution but a necessity, especially for power plants. PV power plants pose a significant threat of direct lightning strikes and surges due to their large surface area and electric conductor lengths. To avoid the risks of costly damage and operational downtime, the installation of surge protectors at key points within the PV system is extremely important.

If the PV field is equipped with lightning rod systems, such as rods and open-air wiring, Type 1 surge protectors are mandatory at the AC input. Similarly, on the DC side, Type 1 surge protectors must be installed at the inverters’ DC output, as defined by CLC/TS 50539-12. Given the extensive cabling necessary to link numerous strings across the PV farm, additional surge protectors are indispensable at the input of the PV modules.

CITEL’s DS50PVS-1500-51 is the perfect Type 1 DC Surge Protector for PV solar applications.


  • Voltage and modes of protection: 1500VDC, DC+-DC-, DC+-G, DC–G
  • UL1449 5th Edition-Type 1CA
  • MOV Technology
  • 40kA Surge Current Rating
  • Visual fault indicator and remote contacts
  • NEMA 2 (IP20)
  • 10-Year warranty

CITEL internally developed numerous critical surge protection components, such as gas discharge tubes, thermally protected varistors, and high-energy varistor assemblies, showcasing their deep expertise in every intricate detail of SPD construction. With teams spanning the globe, CITEL takes pride in offering clients an impressive product range of surge protectors, distinguished by exceptional customer service and product quality.

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