Beyond the Chip: Why Value-Added Solutions Are a Win-Win

 August 4th, 2022 |   By Area51 Electronics |   0 Comments
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So you’ve finally procured your desired electronic component. Now what? With the global semiconductor shortage significantly changing the way companies do business, it’s no surprise that some distributors are offering more than just the actual product. So instead of providing only the electronic component, some distributors will include value-added services such as connector assemblies, kitting, special packaging, device programming, and custom design capabilities like enclosure modifications. Other distributors might also offer supply chain solutions in addition to the product, like just-in-time (JIT) deliveries, consignment, and forecast management.

Area51 Electronics, a global distributor of electronic, electrical and electromechanical components, hardware and assemblies, offers both value-added services and supply chain solutions to provide cost-savings to customers, streamline their processes, and fulfill their unique requirements.

Value-Added Services: Going Beyond the Component

By offering enhanced value-added services, the distributor has the opportunity to offer the customer options they might not have known about or even considered. And by extension, the distributor enables the customer to utilize their resources and extend their operations – cost-effectively and efficiently. It’s a win-win for customer and distributor.

But the distributor must also have the expertise and knowledgebase of the products and technology to be able to assist the customer with options and alternative solutions.

Area51 Electronics offers that expertise. Since 1999, we have served a variety of industries, from alternative energy, aerospace/defense, to automotive, and industrial/automation. We stay on top of current industry trends and emerging technologies to ensure that we provide the most up-to-date market intelligence and insights. Our focus on putting people first enables us to supply the highest quality products and out-of-this-world customer service.

Here are some of Area51 Electronics value-added solutions:

Connector, Cable and Harness Assemblies:

We have the expertise to put together connectors, cable and harnesses to a customer’s exact specifications to improve efficiency and lower costs.

Enclosure Modifications:

Our enclosure modification service offers enclosures with holes, cutouts, or tappings to reduce assembly and production time.


We assemble a production-ready kit of components and parts to help you improve efficiency and consolidate your production processes.

Device Programming:

We use the most stringent protocols for programming your device to ensure your code is secure and safe.

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