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The amount of money American businesses lose every year due to counterfeit parts is staggering. The impacts of counterfeit components extend beyond financial setbacks, causing severe consequences such as damage to reputation, threats to national security, and even potential life-or-death situations. Counterfeit components are hard to detect and come in many different forms.

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Remember when backup cameras and collision warnings weren’t must-have features in cars? What used to be nearly nonexistent in vehicles has become the ultimate basic standard in car safety features.

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Amazing Microelectronic – a leading supplier of ESD protection solutions and specific analog IC, including transceivers and EMI filters – offers their newest CAN bus transceivers for automotive applications. The AZKN9125P is designed to support a wider range of microcontroller units (MCU) in different working voltages, and the AZKN9215P has an excellent high level of EMC certification for ESD protection.

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AEM, a leading developer and manufacturer of surface mount device (SMD) components, is well-known in the electronic fuse industry for superior quality and high performance, even in the most extreme conditions. With over 35 years in business, AEM circuit protection technologies can be found protecting systems in many different products, including satellites, EV battery packs, laptops, displays, battery powered tools, and many more. One of AEM’s bestselling innovative technologies, and the main subject of today’s blog, is the SolidMatrix® product line. Please read on to learn more.

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For nearly four decades, L-Com has been the go-to source for high-performance, UL-rated solutions across diverse industries like electronics, medical, industrial automation, military, and telecom. Their extensive inventory covers a wide range of connectivity products, including cable assemblies, coaxial cables, connectors, adapters, Ethernet cables, USB connectors, custom solutions, and much more.

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When you finally acquire that much-desired electronic component, it becomes more than just a short-term “win” for some distributors. Their focus shifts towards providing a comprehensive, end-to-end customer experience. That’s why some distributors deliver more than the actual component. They might offer added solutions for the supply chain, like just-in-time (JIT) deliveries and forecast management.

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What happens when we need to put electronics into an environment that isn’t exactly ideal? Unfortunately, not all electronics are created equal. And not all environments are friendly to electronics components. This is where rugged electronics come into play.

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Apacer – a leading global digital storage brand with comprehensive R&D, design, manufacturing, and marketing capabilities – is offering a FIPS 140-2 validated SATA flash drive series called the TCG SSD SV240 Series.

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P-DUKE, a leading manufacturer of high-quality AC/DC power supplies, offers a new TBF500 AC/DC power supply series in a fully encapsulated full-brick package with up to 93% efficiency. The TBF500 series allows a baseplate operating temperature of -40 to +105ºC. It is designed for challenging operating conditions and provides high reliability to a variety of applications such as 5G communications, military/defense, robotics, factory automation, and energy storage systems.

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Greetings, Earthlings! Get ready to join the excitement as we gear up for the Anaheim Electronics and Manufacturing Show (AEMS) at the Anaheim Convention Center on September 27-28th. Mark your calendars and head over to Booth #413. Here is what you can learn from our experienced aliens.

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