Apacer Offers FIPS 140-2 Validated SATA Flash Drive Series

Apacer – a leading global digital storage brand with comprehensive R&D, design, manufacturing, and marketing capabilities – is offering a FIPS 140-2 validated SATA flash drive series called the TCG SSD SV240 Series. What Makes This Product Unique? FIPS is a computer security standard developed by the U.S. government. This accredits the design of the  […]

P-DUKE Introduces New Medical Grade DC/DC Converters

P-DUKE, a leading manufacturer of high-quality AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies, introduces its new cost-effective MPK06 converter series dedicated for medical applications with 2xMOPP insulation requirements. The product can be used for home patient care systems, medical monitors, robotic surgical devices, aesthetic equipment, x-ray machines, blood analyzers, and more. The MPK06 series provides 6W output  […]

3 Supply Chain Solutions to Combat Counterfeits

Electronic components are everywhere. From small resistors to huge power supplies, they are a fundamental part of how we design and build electronic equipment. But what happens when you come across a counterfeit electronic component? When the word counterfeit is thrown around, one of the last things that may come to mind are electronic components.  […]


Diversity is a word that packs a punch. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear it? Many people might assume it solely has connotations with race and gender. That diversity is limited to a multicultural team or an evenly balanced workplace of men and women. That is where diversity stops and how it is measured.   It  […]

5 Important Changes Electric Vehicles Bring to the Table

The future is here and it’s electrifying. While slick hair and leather jackets from Grease are making a comeback, the gas-powered Ford De Luxe convertible that played the titular role of Greased Lighting is not. Once a niche section of the automotive industry, electric vehicles are becoming more mainstream by the year. By 2035? Experts  […]

Area51 Electronics Signs New North American Distribution Agreement with Amazing Microelectronics

[07/22/2022] – Area51 Electronics, a minority-owned, global distributor of electronic components and hardware, announces a new North American distribution agreement with Amazing Microelectronics, a leading supplier of ESD protection solutions and specific analog IC. Under the new partnership, Area51 Electronics now offers Amazing Microelectronics transceivers, EMI filters, and ESD protection. Amazing Microelectronics has an experienced  […]

Area51 Electronics Enters New Partnership with CITEL

[07/20/2022] – Area51 Electronics, a minority-owned, global distributor of electronic components and hardware, announces a new global distribution agreement with CITEL, a leading supplier of surge protection products with over 80 years of manufacturing experience and reliability. Under the new partnership, Area51 Electronics now offers CITEL’s broad range of Surge Protective Devices (SPD) and Gas  […]

You Have a Suspect Counterfeit Component, Now What ?

Picture this, after weeks of tense searching for a coveted shipment of semiconductors you find a seller. They have an order for semiconductors ready to ship out in less than three weeks, far sooner than any of your normal vendors. Some of your usual vendors are even on backorder and you’ve been facing the awful  […]

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