Quality Doesn’t Have to be Sacrificed During Crises

A lot of things have changed over the past few years. Global shortages have had a major impact on the way the world’s many supply chains function. It comes as no surprise that electronic components and the electronics industry have needed to re-examine their earlier legacy systems. The global shortage of semiconductors has been prolonged  […]

4 Benefits of Working with a Diverse Supplier

The definition of supplier diversity and its function in the supply chain are a little different today. Introduced in 1953 alongside the establishment of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), supplier diversity programs were created to aid small and minority-owned businesses in securing government and major corporate contracts. Today, the SBA defines supplier diversity as,  […]

Obsolescence vs. Medical Devices The Healthcare Bogeyman

One of the most common fears that people have is that of spiders, according to BBC’S Science Focus. Spindly insects with long legs and dozens of eyes either come in at number one on many top ten fears lists or a close second. Snakes, heights, and public speaking are prevalent fears among people. Medical technology  […]

Electronic Component Distributors Are Invaluable in Uncertain Times

The last few years have been a bit of a kerfuffle for everyone. Normal has a new definition regarding a post-Covid-19 pandemic world. The pandemic isn’t even truly over. The complications born from the pandemic, likewise, are long-lasting, such as the global semiconductor chip shortage. Shortages are not unheard of. Semiconductors, out of all electronic  […]

Has the Semiconductor Shortage Impacted Demand for Electric Vehicles?

If it has electric in the name, chips are a guarantee. Most of the items we interact with daily utilize chips in some capacity. How many chips a device may need varies depending on size, function, and other factors. Automotive vehicles—cars—require a large amount to perform numerous, complex functions. Electric vehicles (EVs) require even more.  […]

P-DUKE Releases TAD180 Series of High-Power Density AC/DC Power Supplies

P-DUKE, a leading manufacturer of high-quality AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies, recently launched the latest extension of high-power density 180W AC/DC power supplies of the TAD180 series. What’s cool about the TAD180 series? With forced air cooling, this line of power supplies can deliver up to 180W or 150W at natural convection cooling. This series  […]

Suspect Counterfeits in Healthcare: A Lurking Danger

Let’s be honest, counterfeits are like weeds. No matter what you do, they tend to pop back up. As a reported $75 billion dollar enterprise that costs the U.S. between $200-250 billion a year, it’s no wonder counterfeiting is still an active “enterprise.” Many counterfeiters saw a great opportunity for growth during the 2020-2022 semiconductor  […]

End of Life Obsolescence Does Not Mean Unobtainable

Component obsolescence. Two words pack a mighty punch in the electronics industry. Electronics, like every marketable product, have a shelf life. While not as fast as say, dairy or vegetables at a supermarket, electronics right down to the individual components have a beginning, middle, and end. The trouble always comes at the end. Component obsolescence  […]

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