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Struggling to Find the Perfect Electronics Distributor?

Are you having trouble scaling with your growing business?

Are you unable to meet market demands with your current supplier?

Do you lack engineering expertise to create a more reliable product?

Are you tired of facing quality problems with your current supplier?

What We Can Do for You

Area51 Electronics values your time. We know how fast the industry moves and the need for scalable and optimized networking solutions is a requirement, not a luxury. That’s what we’re here for. We provide passive components, semiconductors, electromechanical parts, circuit protection devices, hardware, wire, cable, and displays needed for your industrial and IoT applications.

Gain A Competitive Advantage

Access our large network of manufacturers and suppliers through our unique collaborative approach as an authorized and independent distributor of electronic components. We offer decades of industry expertise for extraordinary service and market insights.

Counterfeit Mitigation

With our superior counterfeit mitigation process in place and a dedicated team of quality assurance professionals, authenticity is assured. We work hard to reduce risks of nonconformance so trust is at the forefront.

Supply Chain Optimization

We support your network infrastructure, smart devices, and controls for automated machinery. We work with you to develop an optimized supply chain solution that is customized to meet your needs and requirements - to reduce costs and increase efficiencies.

Our Components Can Be Used in Many Industrial Applications

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Industrial Networking 
  • Building Automation
  • Appliances
  • Communication/Network Equipment
  • HVAC Systems & Controls
  • Gas Pump Controls & Gasoline Dispensers
  • Controls & Motor Drives
  • Conveyors & Sensors 
  • Programmable Logic Controller
  • Industrial Robots & Robotic Systems

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Our Quality Management System Certifications

We are dedicated to taking our quality management systems (QMS) to the next level. Our QMS certifications are exemplary and prove that we provide the best electronic components to serve the world in which we live. As an SAE G19D committee member, we are dedicated to setting standards in the electronics distribution industry.


We have helped develop and maintain SAE AS6081 Fraudulent/Counterfeit Electronic Parts: Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation, and Disposition for Distributors. This provides requirements, practices, methods, and guidance to mitigate the risk of purchasing and supplying suspect counterfeit and counterfeit parts.

ANSI/ESD S20.20-2021

Our highly trained staff will help you avoid the costs associated with ESD-damaged electronic components.

ISO 9001:2015

Our superb quality management system means that we consistently provide products and services to customer specifications. We are always aiming to enhance customer satisfaction with the effective application of our QMS with continuous improvements.


We have achieved certification to effectively procure parts, materials, and assemblies to customers in the aviation, space, and defense industries.


Our team goes above and beyond to meet international standards in the creation and maintenance of a quality management system providing safe and reliable products to the A&D industry, as well as civil and military aviation requirements.

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