Viking Tech Offers New Thin Film Resistor Series for Automotive Applications

Thin film chip resistors are surface-mounted integrated circuit devices that are designed to operate, safeguard, and control circuits – offering resistance to any electrical current flowing through them to run more efficiently. Viking Tech, a global manufacturer of thin film resistors since 1997, has launched several new thin film resistor series for high-reliability automotive applications.  […]

Amazing Microelectronic Offers Electrostatic, Surge Protection Devices

If you watch any TV show or movie via digital media – you’re going to want your streaming technologies to be embedded with electrostatic protection, specifically for USB4 V2, the latest high-speed interface that could support data rates up to 80Gb/s. Amazing Microelectronic provides this type of electrostatic protection and more. The manufacturer offers transient  […]

Wavenet Offers Wide Range of Top-Quality Category Cables

Category cables are used to connect computer network devices, like modems, routers, computers, servers, and switches. Common names for category cables include network, LAN, or Ethernet cables. Wavenet, Inc. – a leading manufacturer of structured cabling solutions – offers category (CAT) cables in its lineup, which includes CAT6A, CAT6, CAT5E and CAT3.     Wavenet provides a  […]

Electrifying the Future: The Promising Popularity of EV Charging Stations

Are we prepared to see future docuseries of abandoned gas stations the way we do for abandoned malls and decayed big box stores? Rusted gas pumps that haven’t been touched in years, dirt covered tanker trucks sitting in empty lots, and convenient stores with boarded windows and empty shelves. Will traditional gas stations become ghost  […]

Recharging the Conversation: BEV vs HEV

Here’s a challenge: drive a single mile without coming across an electric vehicle on the road. It would be nearly impossible to win that one. Electric cars are constantly buzzing past us and charging stations are popping up on every corner. We now live in a world where electric and hybrid vehicles are becoming just  […]

End-Of-Life Components: A Quick Breakdown

All good things must come to an end, and those electronic components you love so much are no exception. Watching sought-after electronic components slowly disappear into a blackhole, rarely to be seen again, could be tough. But unfortunately, that is what a product’s life cycle is all about, and End–of–Life (EOL) is the final stage.  […]

P-DUKE Introduces Automation & Industrial Power Supply Series

P-DUKE, a leading manufacturer of high-quality AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies, has added a new 300W output power supply series – the TAF300. This series will support automation systems and motor/valve devices in the industrial space. The TAF300 will be added to P-DUKE’s industrial grade AC/DC power supplies portfolio range from 15 to 450W. The  […]

Amazing Microelectronic Offers CAN Bus Transceivers with Fail-Safe Protection

Amazing Microelectronic – a leading supplier of ESD protection solutions and specific analog IC, including transceivers and EMI filters – offers CAN bus transceivers. Their most popular CAN transceivers include the AZKN1040T and the AZKN1044T. Designed to withstand harsh environments, the transceivers feature over-voltage and over-temperature protection, and fail-safe protection. The CAN bus transceiver is  […]

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