Japan Semiconductor Plants Suffer Another Setback Second Year in A Row

On March 16th, 2022, a 7.4 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Japan’s Fukushima prefecture. The quake cut off power to millions of people, according to a report by CNN, with over 100 people injured and 4 killed. A tsunami warning was put into effect but lifted Thursday morning after no abnormalities were detected  […]

How is the War in Ukraine Affecting the Global Chip Shortage?

The world’s supply chains are highly-interconnected and fragile beasts. They are prone to disruptions from crises and conflicts no matter where they strike in the world. The best example of this problem? When the initial lockdowns in China began at the start of the pandemic. What followed was the 2020-2022 global semiconductor shortage. Fires, storms,  […]

Biden Calls on Congress to Put Chip Production Front and Center

“Made in America” was an overarching theme in President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address on Tuesday. “That means make more cars,” he clarified, “and semiconductors in America. More infrastructure and innovation in America. More goods moving faster and cheaper in America. More jobs where you can earn a good living in America.” Biden  […]

2021: The Year of the Electronic Component Shortage

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear 2021? The Covid-19 vaccine rollout? The Tokyo Olympics? NASA’s rover Perseverance landing on Mars? All are excellent answers. All are major events that happened over the course of 2021. This includes an ongoing event that made headlines throughout the year: the global semiconductor shortage.  […]

A New Kind of Solar Power: Perovskite

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. And the last two years, well, have been rough. The pandemic, labor shortages, natural disasters, and geopolitical tension have had rippling effects throughout the world. Everyone from baristas running out of favorite coffee flavors to Apple cutting iPhone production, is hurting. Industry experts and market analysts  […]

Chips: The Smallest Things that Make A Big Difference

Chips. They’re in your coffee maker, smartphone, thermostat, ring camera, smoke detector, and more. If it has an electric pulse, it has a chip. The amount of chips inside each device varies, but the fact of the matter remains the same. The world runs on chips. The shortage has only amplified its importance. It’s also  […]

What is the “Gray Market” and Why is it Full of Counterfeit Chips?

The Covid-19 pandemic has been hard on everyone. “Of all the industries affected by Covid-related supply chain issues, the electronics industry has arguably been hit hardest,” according to AllAboutCircuits.com. The change from in-office to work-from-home triggered an ever-rising demand for digital products. Consumers want faster networks, smarter home appliances, and fast shipping as e-commerce booms.  […]

Authorized or Independent Distributor: Which One is Best for You?

In the midst of exciting and significant technological advancements, the demand for electronic components, hardware, and assemblies is at a record high across industries such as automotive and transportation, industrial and automation, aerospace and defense, energy, and medical. As a result, components have become extremely hard to come by, to say the least. A lot  […]

Chip Shortage: How Will It Affect the Holiday Shopping Season?

With about a month left in 2021, it seems like only yesterday the world was celebrating the end of 2020. The holiday shopping season is in full swing once again. But this year’s traditional shopping spree will be more of a mad dash than normal. The reasons? The ongoing chip shortage and supply chain issues.  […]

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