Hammond Manufacturing Offers Customizable Wall Mount Rack Cabinets

For more than one hundred years and four generations, customers who have required unsurpassed performance, wide selection, and durability for power distribution, rack mounting, enclosures, and cases, have relied on the Hammond brand. Hammond’s highly differentiated, high-quality, and volume of stocked products can be found in a variety of vertical markets including OEM, industrial, electronic,  […]

P-DUKE’s MAD50 Series is Redefining Reliability for Medical Applications

P-DUKE is a leading company headquartered in Taiwan and is a significant player in the global power conversion industry. Specializing in the development of highly efficient DC/DC converters, AC/DC power supplies, and customized solutions, P-DUKE has established itself as a reliable force with a worldwide presence. P-DUKE has broadened its range of medical-grade open-frame power  […]

A New Era of Healthcare with Telemedicine

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, technology continues to transform the way we deliver and receive medical services. One of the most significant advancements in recent years is the integration of telemedicine technology. This innovative approach to healthcare not only enhances accessibility but also relies heavily on electronic components to provide efficient and reliable solutions.  […]

Elevating Automotive Safety through Electronic Components

Imagine explaining today’s vehicle technology to someone 20 years ago. The automotive industry has undergone a revolutionary safety transformation, thanks to the integration of advanced electronic components. So, what are some of those transformations? Keep reading as we take a closer look at new automotive technology and the electronic components that bring it all together.  […]

Steering Towards Safety with ADAS Technology

Remember when backup cameras and collision warnings weren’t must-have features in cars? What used to be nearly nonexistent in vehicles has become the ultimate basic standard in car safety features. ADAS stands for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, and it refers to a collection of safety features and technologies that are designed to assist drivers in  […]

Navigating the Elements with Rugged Electronics

What happens when we need to put electronics into an environment that isn’t exactly ideal? Unfortunately, not all electronics are created equal. And not all environments are friendly to electronics components. This is where rugged electronics come into play.  In today’s world, electronics act as such a crucial role in every industry. We have military  […]

EDAC Offers New Card Edge Connectors with Cardedge+ Series 

Your gateway to innovation and flexibility starts with EDAC’s Cardedge+ Series and we’ve got it here for you. EDAC has quickly emerged as a global leader in connectors for card edge and rack and panel applications. Over the years, they’ve expanded their product range to offer one of the most extensive arrays of interconnect solutions including: D-Sub, modular and magnetic jack, header, USB,  […]

Exploring the Components that Power Building Automation

The inner workings of a building are probably the last thing you would ever think about when walking into a hospital, school, grocery store, or even the office. Everything in the building, from the automatic doors and lighting, to the refrigerated sections and air-conditioned rooms, relies on many components that help structure a building automation  […]

Samwha Offers High-Performance Capacitors for Automotive Applications

As the automotive industry continues to grow at warp-speed, so does the need for more advanced technologies to power these automotives. These technologies include features like infotainment systems, power steering, and engine control. Samwha Capacitor Group has answered that call for high-performance automotive solutions that meet industry standards and specifications. Samwha, a South Korean manufacturer  […]

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