AEM Components Features Innovative High Current Surface Mount Fuse Series

AEM Components, a high reliability component solutions, manufacturing, and distribution provider, recently introduced an innovative CM2822H Series of high-current, high-power density surface mount fuse components. The series also features industry-leading volumetric efficiency (178 mm3) and safe power density (506 VA/mm3@100A), which is about three times higher than existing products in the market. Here are some  […]

Are Due Diligence Programs Having a Positive Effect on Conflict Minerals?

Conflict minerals have long been an issue in the world, especially in technology. These minerals, such as tantalum, tin, tungsten, and gold, are commonly used in many electronic components, computers, and other products that we use everyday. The mines that contain these minerals are located in high-conflict areas, which can negatively impact the rest of  […]

How Long will the Global Chip Shortage Last?

The ongoing global semiconductor shortage is getting worse at the worst possible time – when consumer demand for electronics and automobiles are at an all time high. Even while semiconductor manufacturers work to increase production, soaring demand for electronic devices will continue to outpace the supply of the chips used to bring them to life.  […]

4 Vital Best Practices to Mitigate Counterfeit Electronic Parts

Your chance of unknowingly purchasing a counterfeit electronic component increases by 25% annually, according to IHS Markit, a source for engineering specifications, standards, manuals and technical publications. Exacerbating that trend is that in 2019, 66.91% of parts reported to be nonconforming, suspect counterfeit, or counterfeit were sold by companies not located in China, stated the  […]

Should I Recycle Old Electronic Parts? Is It Safe?

So you’ve got an old electronic, obsolete part or device. What should you do? Is it safe to recycle? Most electronic parts or devices have a lifespan or an expiration date. Eventually that obsolete, outdated part or device becomes what’s known as electronic waste, or e-waste – consumer or business electronic products that is near  […]

Why is AS6081 Important?

Counterfeit electronic parts are bad. Bad for business. Bad for your brand. Bad for humankind. Counterfeit parts can wreck havoc into your operations, in the form of increased financial costs, damage to your brand, and revenue loss. In addition, counterfeit parts can cause product malfunction or total failure – which at worse, poses serious risk  […]

P-DUKE Features 40-65W Encapsulated AC/DC Power Supplies

P-DUKE launched new 40-65W encapsulated AC/DC power supplies that can be used for industrial (TSD) and medical (MSD) applications. The encapsulated-type packaging protects the electronic parts from environmental contamination – increasing the durability of the product. According to the system requirements, there are thru-hole, wall mount, and din-rail type for choosing. Features include: built-in EMI  […]

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