Exploring the Sensor Technology Behind Self-Driving Cars

Could you imagine explaining the concept of autonomous vehicles to someone decades ago? Even people in today’s world are still wrapping their heads around the thought of a car driving itself. But just like with every new advancement in technology, people will eventually come around and accept change, and self-driving cars are no exception. The  […]

Power Up with Degson’s Durable AC/DC EV Charging Plugs

Are you on the hunt for reliable renewable energy connection solutions? Search no more – we’ve got you covered! We offer powerful electric vehicle (EV) charging plugs from Degson, a global solutions provider of electrical, electronic, and industrial connectors.   Degson developed durable, high-performance AC/DC EV charging plugs for your power supply equipment and electric  […]

Electrifying the Future: The Promising Popularity of EV Charging Stations

Are we prepared to see future docuseries of abandoned gas stations the way we do for abandoned malls and decayed big box stores? Rusted gas pumps that haven’t been touched in years, dirt covered tanker trucks sitting in empty lots, and convenient stores with boarded windows and empty shelves. Will traditional gas stations become ghost  […]

Recharging the Conversation: BEV vs HEV

Here’s a challenge: drive a single mile without coming across an electric vehicle on the road. It would be nearly impossible to win that one. Electric cars are constantly buzzing past us and charging stations are popping up on every corner. We now live in a world where electric and hybrid vehicles are becoming just  […]

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